Ccna 1 V5 1 + V6 Chapter 5 Exam Answers 2020

What is a description of the default gateway address? It is the IP address of the Router1 interface that connects the PC1 LAN to Router1. A new community administrator has been asked to enter a banner message on a Cisco device. What is the quickest method a network administrator may test whether the banner is properly configured?

Host A sends an ARP request to the MAC address of host D. What statement illustrates a disadvantage of the CSMA/CD access method? Deterministic media access protocols slow community efficiency. It is extra complex than non-deterministic protocols.

Command when entered on the change vty will encrypt all inbound managed telnet connections. Command issued may even display the banner message, however this is not a quick approach to take a look at the configuration. What property of ARP forces all Ethernet NICs to process baby santana net worth an ARP request? (Choose two.)On giant networks with low bandwidth, a number of ARP broadcasts could cause information communication delays. What is the impact of using the Router# copy running-config startup-config command on a router?

The port-to-MAC address desk on a switch has the identical entries as the ARP table on the swap. The switch won’t ahead packets initiated by the host. It is the IP tackle of the ISP community device located within the cloud. The swap requires a username/password mixture for distant access.

One of the unfavorable issues with ARP requests is that they’re sent as a broadcast. This means all gadgets on the native link should receive and process the request. The packet will be sent directly to the vacation spot host. Destination MAC addresses won’t ever change in a frame that goes throughout seven routers. The switch sends the packet only to the host D, which in turn responds.

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